Rick's Office Band

Rick's Office Band

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Upcoming Events

  • Oct 2, 2021 - Malvern Porch Fest

  • Nov 5, 2021 - Phoenixville First Fridays

Past Events

May 20, 2017, Daniel Boone Relay for Life   

Oct 7, 2017Spring City Music Festival

Oct 14, 2017Franks American Pub, Downingtown 

June 15, 2018, Phoenixville Summer Music Series

Oct 6, 2018, Spring City Music Festival

Nov 1, 2018, Phoenixville Harvest Festival

Jan 4, 2019, Chaplins WinterFest  

May 4, 2019Phoenixville  Food Truck Festival

July 11, 20199 Oaks Swim Club , Oaks, PA

Sept 6, 2019, Phoenixville First Friday,

Sept 14, 2019,  South Wayne Porch Fest 

Oct 5, 2019,  Phoenixville Fall Food Truck Festival

Nov 1, 2019,  Phoenixville Harvest Festival 

Jan 4, 2020,  Chaplins,2nd Annual WinterFest  

May 22, 2021, Revive the Music Concert

June 5, 2021, Spring City Community Day

Sept 11, 2021, South Wayne Porch Fest


The following tracks are taken live from the mixing board during our band practices in August/September 2021.   The tracks are roughly mixed and levels are adjusted, but no attempts are made to re-dub or fix the live performance.  What you hear is what you get from a live performance.

20210914m Fever.mp3

20210914m Bad Guy.mp3

20210824M Into the Mystic.mp3

20210914m Rocket Man.mp3

20210914m Crazy Thing Called Love.mp3

20210824M Castanets.mp3

Rick's Office Band is:


                                          Lauren                                       Mary



                Russ                                       Doug                                       Dave